“Managing relations in a changing world” the Bowen Conference you cannot afford to miss!

Time fly and it is now only a few moths until the 3rd International Conference on Bowen Theory will be held in Sörbyn, outside Luleå in Swedish Lapland.  The theme of the conference is “Managing relations in a changing world- Bowen Theory in Families, Organizations and Communities”. It will be a conference which will combine the ever changing demands of modern society with the rural beauty and peacefulness of northern Sweden. Here you will find nature, wildlife and people side by side in peace.

This theme was chosen almost two years ago. I do not think we quite realized how appropriate it would turn out. But the world of today seems to be changing even faster than ever. Way too many of us are not stopping to think about issues and facts. Instead we charge full speed forward without thinking.  You will find that Bowen Theory can impact not only our own lives but also the lives of those close to us. During the conference we will learn about the theory’s many advantages. It is a help for family relations as well as a leadership and management tool in various organizations and society.

#Bowen2020 – make sure you check the date June 15 – 17,  2020 

Welcome to three days in “the land of the midnight sun”. We will have the opportunity to listen to some of the most inspiring presenters within the field of Bowen theory. Attending the different conferences on Bowen Theory has given me both new insights and new friends. You do not need to be a “Bowen specialist” to enjoy the conference. There will be many people there willing to testify that they, like me, once started with an interest in people, families and organizations. Then as the interest grew I also decided to study Bowen Theory. This has been a great help in my daily life, as well as in my business.

Come, join us for the first International Bowen Conference in Sweden and in Europe! I promise it will be a great gathering with people from all over the World. Two year ago at the Hong Kong Conference we met people from as far away as Africa, Australia and the United States. All members of the family of Bowen Theory. We can already see that we will be an exciting international gathering this time too.

Do you want to know more? Contact me or read more on my  page: https://msimonsson.se/bowens-systemteori-organisationsutveckling-gaxsjomodellen/


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Oh… and why my blog this time is in English? The conference is International and therefore in English.

Welcome to Sörbyn and Bowen2020!

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